Coins are the main currency of the game. Points are useful too, but very expensive. If you want to get more coins in Madden NFL Mobile, you can try a lot of different options. Most of the options are free, but it takes some time and grinding to get to a few 100k’s worth of Madden NFL Mobile coins. You can also decide to head up to an buy thousands or millions of coins for a few euro’s or dollars. If you want to try it for free, you can take a look at the following options:

Play more live events

Live events are a good way to gain coins. Some of them you can play every few hours, others are more limited. There are events you can do once a year, once a week or day. Take a look at the good events when it comes to rewards. Save your energy for good events and avoid the low rewarding coins events.

Compete with others

Playing against other players is a lot of fun. It is one of our favourite ways to play the game at the moment. It is also one of the most rewarding when it comes to coins. You will get 150 coins if you initiate a heads up match and 50 coins after every drive that ends in a touchdown. Good money to be made!

Regular Season

It takes some time to go through a full season, but you will be rewarded with some coins along the way. The regular season awards you good coins for completing and winning games. You can get up to 800 coins just for completing the game.

Buying and selling

In every EA game it is good if you can play the market a bit. Becoming a trader can be useful and for some it’s the best way to gain a lot of Madden NFL mobile coins. Buy low, sell high. There are a lot of in-dept guides out there. But remember: it takes a lot of time and practice to make this a good method for you to gain a lot of Madden NFL coins fast.

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