We are big fans of the franchise mode in the game. We love to draw a superstar and to get the best team possible. Improving the overall team gives us a good feeling. We know that this mode can get overwhelming when it’s your first time you see it. Do not give it up easily. It’s one of the more rewarding modes in the game when you have done it a lot of times. In this article we will provide you with some useful tips and tricks to get the most of the Madden 18 NFL Franchise Mode.

Skipping a game

It can take a long time to complete this mode. It is okay to skip some games if you want to get more rewards faster. The outcome will be simulated and you will be rewarded accordingly. You can simply select the advance week option in the main tab of the Franchise Mode. Do not be scared to use this once in a while. Play the games you want to play and sim the ones you don’t.

The outcome

If you sim a game, the outcome will be random. There are some factors that can influence the game in your favour. Do sim a game against a team with a lower overall, do not sim when the opposing team is better by far. We play only against the stronger teams.

Solo or online

Hate to have a solid connection all the time you play the franchise mode? We sometimes have a lot of lag and a slower internet speed. You can enjoy the game solo too and get the same rewards.

Improving you team

With a simple click on the button you can improve the overall of your team if you have players on the bench. You do not have to do it manual. Please remember that an 95 rated player is sometimes worse that an 90 rated player. It all depends on your playing style.

Player not performing okay

Sometimes players do not perform like their rating suggest. Other times the player is good, but just does not match your playing style or formation. You can try to put the player up for a trade. They won’t be mad at you.

Collect Bronze players

Buy the cheapest bronze players you can find on the market today. If you trade in ten bronze players in the Bronze Gameplan set (go to sets in the menu), you will receive collectibles that you can trade off for as high as 10.000 coins.

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