If you are new to Madden, the game can be a bit overwhelming at first. Take a look at this guide and try to implement all the tips below. You will become a better NFL player and will get an improved winrate. This guide is made for beginners, but also some more seasoned players will get some useful tips out of it. Need cheap Madden NFL coins? Go to Aoeah!

Do not rush

Most of the players just want to make as many meters in as less possible time. They literally rush through the playbook to find the fasted way to kick the ball far away. Or decide to make a risky play to get some meters in. Please, do not rush it. Make the best tactical move. Slow but steady is sometimes the best move. Try to make short tactical passes and move up the field bit by bit. Remember: When you have the ball, the opponent can’t score. Well.. most of time.

Formation selecting

If you are new or do not have years of NFL experience, the formations can be a bit overwhelming. It took us a while before we knew what formation was the best for different teams. If you are new, stick to 3 formations and take a good look at the playbook at first. After a while get costumed to more formations.

Observe the other team

Take a good look at the other team. If you can make a more educated guess what your opponent is going to to, you will get better. It takes a lot of practice at first. Start with taking a good look at the linebackers each play. Decide what the best formation or play Is for your team to counter them.

Practice the passing game

Passing is one of the vital things to learn in the game. If you get good with passing, you will become a better player overall. Take your time each play (see: Do not Rush) and try to do all kind of passes. Start with the short ones and built it up to the more risky ones.

Running and receiving

Try to get a good timing when it comes to running and sprinting. Do not let your players sprint all the time up the field. They will become too tired to play good. Practice running and receiving the ball a lot.

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